God's plan of redemption for mankind

God's plan of redemption for mankind - explained

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Very few churches today explain God's plan of salvation for mankind.

The studies on this website explain that plan in detail.

The study "Why Choose Jesus?" explains some of the reasons that the Christian faith is unique.

This too is rarely taught or talked about.

The study "How Jesus paid the penalty", and how this frees us from condemnation is also shown.

This study shows how the death of someone over 2000 years ago can affect your life and mine today for eternity.

Several churches both in this and in many other countries set out to follow the prayer guide suggested in "Turning on the Power" and show how it is so important to have people in churches across the world praying each and every one of these prayer principles (some praying one thing others praying one of the other principles suggested) not just once a week, once a fortnight or even once a month but constant faithful heartfelt prayer has proved to produce the results suggested.

These prayer principles have been taught across the world by many well-known Evangelists and have proven to be authentic, and the very things that Jesus taught His disciples to pray.

Many world evangelists teach today rejoice at the results they get when using these biblical prayer principles.

Discover these and many other wonderful things for yourself by putting them into practice, for if we do not pray for the salvation of the lost then who on earth will?

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