About us

This God's Plan of Redemption website is run by Hand of God Ministries, which is a small evangelistic organisation which trains people in discipleship and includes many other studies.

Set up by someone who has had a personal encounter with Jesus and has had a personal vision/experience of hell itself which changed his life completely.

He prefers to remain anonymous so that it is only God who gets the glory.

Other resources and further reading

We would also like to direct your attention to www.1way2god.co.uk, which is recommended for the high number of good biblical teachings that can be found there.

All the studies can be downloaded free and everyone is welcome to request studies on many other biblical subjects.

The 1Way2God website has now been viewed by people in more than 160 countries (Including China, Pakistan and many other countries where Christians are under persecution).

To request other studies or make any additional enquiries please e-mail handofgodministries@gmail.com

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